Tenth Word

The "Tenth Word" is a masterpiece of dialectical theology (kalam). As an exegesis of the Qur'an, 30:50* it demonstrates numerous rational and empirical proofs for the possibility, necessity, and existence of bodily resurrection and divine judgement in the Hereafter.

* "Look,  then, at the signs of God’s mercy, how He restores the earth to life after death: this same God is the one who will return people to life after death - He has power over all things (Qur'an, 30:50)."

Click to listen to Episode 01 (Preamble), Episode 02 (1st-2nd Proofs), Episode 03 (3rd-5th Proofs), Episode 04 (6th-7th Proofs), Episode 05 (8th-10th Proofs), and Episode 06 (11th-12th Proofs), and Episode 07 (Introduction: 1st Indication), Episode 08 (Introduction: 2nd Indication), Episode 09 (Introduction: 2nd Indication-4th Indication), Episode 10 (1st and 2nd Truths), Episode 11 (3rd Truth), Episode 12 (4th Truth), Episode 13 (5th and 6th Truths), and Episode 14 (6th Truth).

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